Here comes my new topic category – iDontGetIt. Lately, I don’t know why I started to notice many things I don’t get about us people. Maybe I slack my brain too much till it tries to look for sth to think about. So I thought it would be interesting to write them down here for future reference…

So what is the first thing that I don’t get? I don’t get why some people tell me certain things are overrated when they’ve never even use it before. On what basis that they can so outrightly claim that it’s overrated? Because most of the online reviews say so? or their friends say so? or just simply because they tried their friends’ ones and they don’t like it as it claimed they would? No idea but whatever it is, I personally think that unless you own one before you’re not really qualified to claim that it’s overrated.

I started to wonder about this when I was getting opinions from people on whether I should save up for Android, iPhone or Blackberry? And guess what, I have people producing absolute claim for every one of those model.

My friends who use Android said iPhone is just a trend and there are many thing iPhone couldn’t do compared to Android especially in term of customization and personalization. They also say everybody is getting an iPhone because everybody else was doing it. When asked about BlackerBerry? They were like “BlackBerry is not even in the equation here. BlackBerry is for working people. There’s nothing much there.”

On the other hand, some of my iPhone peeps says Android is overrated and iPhone is the only phone you should consider going for. iPhone can do anything you want to do. It can do anything Android can do and more. That’s one very very big and dangerous claim they were making there. And yeah again they also agree with my Adroid friends that BlackBerry is not to be compared with the 2.

So what do my BlackBerry friends has to say? They say no… BlackBerry can do a lot of things, at least more than enough for you to not want to upgrade to either iPhone or Android. BlackBerry can go online, can surf Internet, can do email, can use google app, can use google map, and they also have games and entertainment stuff. So why would u need iPhone and Android? Then I said, “I don’t know. Because they look cooler and more sleek?”…. “No, they’re big. You see the later model of BlackBerry. Their designs are also cool and on top of that, they’re more handy.”…. then I went…” but I think the buttons are too small. My fingers are fat so it won’t easy for me to press”…. then they were like “No la. After a while you’ll get used to it. The iPhone/Adroid on-screen key pad is even harder to press.”

After all that, I think I’m back at square one. Which one to get? But the more disturbing question now is why are these people make so absolute claim about each of these brands when they haven’t even had extensive experience using the other brand, nor do they have any idea what features I need/prefer, what design I like, and what I other things I can or cannot tolerate about these gadgets. They suddenly appear to me like an unpaid salesmen but again even salesmen leave some room for you to consider your other choices.

So there you go. I don’t get it. Why are we being so judgmental about things/people that we don’t really know?

My personal answer at the moment would be because we think we know even when we don’t.


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