I don’t get it, why some of us are so ignorant about things that are affecting them and their lives? Better still, they are even ignorant about their ignorance.

I think the saying “Ignorance is a bliss” really gets people going the wrong way, especially when they interpret it literally. Living in an environment full of people different from nationalities, culture and background allows me to observe variety of different type of ignorance. Wait different type of ignorance? Yes. Some people are ignorant about others’ feeling and emotions, some people are ignorant about society, some people are ignorant about things that matters to them, some are ignorant, and some are just ignorant about every damn thing.

You know the “politically correct” adults always tell younger generation that it’s not good to negatively stereotype people. But the stereotype never stop, why? because these very adult only tells us not to stereotype people but never once tell us not to live up with up with our stereotype. It’s difficult for the world not to stereotype (from here on, stereotype would be referred to the negative ones unless mentioned otherwise) a group of people when every damn person from that group is thinking/acting/behaving exactly as the previous ones we know. And why am I suddenly talking about stereotype? Because I think ignorance is one of the biggest factors that snowball this stereotype bazaar.

We often unconsciously assuming that certain things we do or say is normal because everybody around us is doing exactly the same damn thing. We have no idea how different people from different culture and background view or think of the things we do or the way we behave. Frankly speaking, we just don’t care. For goodness sake, they’re just freaking tourists. That’s exactly what they think of us when we are going on holiday in their land. We have never really stop and think that this tourist also talked to the other tourists and eventually when he went back to his country, he would also tell his people. And in this digital age, their opinions spread at speed of light. But again, I think there really not point ranting about this because there’s no stopping it. What I’m more irritated with is the people who are ignorant about things around that’s constantly affecting and influencing their lives. You know what our problem is? Our problem is that we think that we survive till now without knowing or caring about all these craps so why should we even bother to start caring. I didn’t start reading newspaper till I was 20, and I’m still alive and happy. In fact I think I was happier when I wasn’t reading the paper. There were less unnecessary tragedy bother my life that I couldn’t do anything about it, or at least I thought so. Some of my “good-boy” friends said they don’t play game or watch movies or anime or doing any of these wasting time activities their whole and they’re still having fun by doing math problem and reading physics textbook.

However, what we don’t know and hardly consider is what difference would it makes if we were to be less ignorant about it. Most of the time we only realize and change when we meet the right friends who enlighten, encourage and show us what difference would it make to care. Nevertheless, I still don’t get it as to why do we just sit down and wait for that right influence to come and change us instead of dragging our own ass to seek the enlightenment? Are we afraid that we would know too much and nobody would want to hang around with? Maybe. I don’t know. Nature really has a way of make us being able to observe the mystery but not being able to unfold it, at least not with a singly defined answer. Mysterious indeed.


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