Building my 1st Customized PC

After like 4 years or so, I’m finally going to get to use a desktop again. I’m planning to build my own customize ddesktop when next academic semester begins. Now I’m in the period of studying the best rigs for my budget. It’ll tough trying to squeeze my demand for performance into a 1K budget.

Let’s see my current choice of components are:

Choice 1: Phenom IIX4 955

Choice 1: Asus 4A785D-M-PRO
Price: S$ 396 (Combo price with CPU)

Choice 2: Asus 4A78L-M
Price: S$ 372 (Combo price with CPU)

Choice 1: CORSAIR TW3X4G-1600C9D Dominator (4GB=2x2GB)
Price: $S 219

Choice 2: CORSAIR CMX4GX3M2A-1600C9 (4GB=2x2GB)
Price: $S 199

Choice 1: ASUS ATI EAH5770 CuCore 1GB (GDDR5)
Price: S$ 279

Choice 2: MSI ATI HD 5770 1GB Hawk Twin FrozerII (GDDR5)
Price: S$ 269

Choice 1: Seagate 1TB 7200.12/2-platter/low power/Faster
Price: S$ 119

Choice 2: Seagate 500GB 7200.12 / 16MB
Price: S$ 74

DVD Drive
Choice 1: HP 24X LightScribe SATA SuperMulti
Price: S$ 43

Choice 1: CORSAIR HX750 (750W) / 7yrs
Price: S$ 249

Choice 2: OCZ ModXStream-Pro (Modular) 700W
Price: S$ 185

Choice 3: PCPower & Cooling 750W : $188 / 750W
Price: S$ 188

Choice 4: CrossfireOCZ ModXStream-Pro (Modular) 600W
Price: S$ 139

Choice 1: CoolerMaster Elite nVidia 334
Price:  S$ 89


Let’s see, if I go for all my first choice components it would cost me S$ 1394. Crazy! Over budget by 400. What if all my last choice. S$ 1185… still over budget by almost 200.  I think I seriously need to reconsider my budget.. or my components of choice. But I’ve been using PC for so long and I haven’t for once tasted a very powerful PC to suit my usage. For the first time, I really want to have that since I’m planning to have this for a long time. If you have cash, can go for this rigs, guarantee extreme performance.

Building my 1st Customized PC

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