Me & Orson Welles (2008)

Me & Orson Welles is definitely Zack Efron’s best. I don’t really like him as an actor but after seeing this movie, I kind of do now. One of the reason that I find this movie so good is probably because I was watching at the right moment. It has what I wanted to see at that moment. Love, Life, Luck. It’s realistic. It’s artistic. And definitely classic.

Me & Orson Welles perfectly exemplifies a situation a young man would face at one point of his life.  A situation in life where we are young and ambitious, and we feel that everything is going for us. So we try to grab everything we can. We grab so much until more than we can hold. And *snap* just like that everything falls apart. Fame, glory, money, romance. All gone right before our very greedy eyes. And the worse part is you feel like you lose everything when nothing was really yours in the first place. You just go back to where you started. Nothing. And that’s beauty of life. It doesn’t end just there. You start all over again. This time with the knowledge and experience of what had happened.

Lastly, after seeing the movie, it really makes me come to appreciate the title a lot. It says Me & Orson Welles and not Me & Him or Richard & Orson Welles. Me would be Richard and he would be Orson Welles but Orson Welles is not necessarily has to be him. It’s a just a brand the man wear and project. If anything we can learn from this, it would be the good old cliche “It’s nothing personal my friend, it’s just business.” Don’t get personal and emotional… unless it gives you profit.

Me & Orson Welles (2008)

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