Life is very strange thing. I heard/read somewhere that says “The more I know about life, the less I understand it.” I do feel that from time to time. Belief is definitely one of the most puzzling things that life shape in us. It’s what makes life in adulthood complicated and sophisticated.

At this stage of life, most of us have our own belief and perspectives on things that we derived from the our experience in live. Some of us fool themselves into having one. Delusional as it is, it’s how it is with grown-ups. You and I alike, We have preconceived ideas about many. We quickly stereotype things/people at our own convenience base on our so-call “life experience”. However, I have to agree that we are not to blame entirely especially when you are growing up in a society that perpetually echo into your ear that you have to think fast, be critical, and you need to learn to make quick and accurate judgment because the world is moving quickly and changing promptly. Eventually, we’re all distorted. We lose sight of what matters in life and only focus at what matter to us. Some want to conform while others prefer to be different. Ironically, now that the world is encouraging us to be original and different, being different would mean you’re just conforming to the concept. In the end, it all boils down just one simple powerful word – Belief. As long as you believe you are, then you are, no matter what people say.

The problem with this message is that people takes it too literally that they create a tendency to reject others’ belief prematurely. Sometime it become so extensive that we’re unable able to compromise with the difference and engage ourselves in aggressively futile debates to convince one another. “Well, that’s just life.” Well, that’s what most people would say. Simplest, quickest and easiest way to reason it. Sometime it’s hard to believe, but it’s true, the reason is because it’s the way it is. Do you believe that? Well, I don’t. Even if most of the time it’s apparently so.

With everything said, most of the time I still took the more cowardice way out like most of us do. Avoidance. Especially so when I sense the situation is getting hostile. I’m still looking for courage to not only collaboratively compromise my difference in belief with people but also to discuss and debate it. At the moment, it still seems to be a pretty far-fetch attempt. But I believe it’ll happen. Somehow…


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