Matrix (1999)

The Matrix is a novel concept which, according to the fan, it’s a more well-planned and logical concept compared to many of its kind. And I agree to a certain extent. The release of Matrix was a hit and well-received by many and spawns 2 sequels. I didn’t check it out till like years later. I wasn’t really into movie then.

If I were to describe this movie in 1 word, it would be “cool!”. Two words.. “Very cool.” I think that’s 1 of the main why people love it. It creates a new trend for action sequence with it’s trademark slow-motion bullet dodging action. Since then, it was later almost casually termed the Matrix motion. I think this is part of what makes Matrix become so iconic.

I still remember back then, I have this friend who literally memorize all Neo’s lines (played by Keanau Reeves) and his action poses. Call him crazy but believe that or not, there are many others who’ve gone further than that. And that pretty says it all about the movie.

Matrix (1999)

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