The Dark Knight (2008)

I’m never really a big fan of the Batman franchise. Even the highly rated and very popular Batman Begin didn’t really excite me that much. I think it was okay. Don’t know what was the buzz about. With that said, Dark Knight is definitely something else. It’s freaking awesome! And that’s from a non-Batman fan.

There were a lot of thrill and anticipation built up in throughout and to my satisfaction, this Batman is more high-tech than ever. He’s fully equipped with lots of awesome gears like his tank-like super-bullet-prove super high-tech car which happens to also be convertible to a super cool awesome bike… However, our hero is not much of a highlight in Dark Knight but rather our villains. In this spawn of Batman, we see 2 of the all-time favorite Batman villains being introduced – Two-Face and joker. And yes Joker (played by Heath Ledger) stole the show. It was all about Joker on screen and off screen. I always thought the Joker is one of the most fearful, if not the most, character in Batman but in Dark Knight, Ledger simply brought the Joker to a greater height to become 1 of the greatest villains of all-time.

Nuff said, hands down to Ledger and The Dark Knight. This is officially one of my all-time favorites.

The Dark Knight (2008)

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