300 (2006)


This movie come out awhile back but just get to watch it during my exam mugging break lolx
And yeah finally, I know why this movie was a buzz when it came out. Man the 300 Spartans are darn cool. Though I gotta find the battle a bit unrealistic there. How could 300 men fight so many tsunamis of troops lol. But couldn’t be bothered, I just enjoy the fight and effect. Anyway, battling waves and waves of enemies is what make them darn cool. I think this movie is just pretty much about 300 macho men battling endless wave of enemies till they all die that’s it. So if you look for other things than a crazy violent endless killing spree :P, don’t bother with 300. Or you can check it out if you just wanna see 300 hot 6-pack abs. lolx
I recommend it though.

300 (2006)

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