Dragon War (2007)


When I saw the poster of this movie I thought, this was going one heck of a ride through monster action. Yeah… one heck of a boring ride. Basically, the only thing that keep watching till it’s over is CGI effect… and I think that’s also the only cool thing the movie.

The acting was very poor.. while watching I remembered keeping on going like “wah!! so fake!”. Man, I was like how in the world an ancient Korea has those super-armored troops, extremely fast long-range missiles, a dragon-like air fleet that can shoot fire bolt, a giant snake (called Amugi) with scale harder than diamond? It’s practically just doesn’t make sense to me. So yeah, basically endured this movie because I still think the effect is quite cool. So I just take it as I’m watching a video clip of some highly graphical strategy game.

Dragon War (2007)

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