Meet The Robinsons (2007)


I read First under the MOVIE Personality Chart, it said that if you like animation movie, it “means you have been charmed by some of the life’s most simple lessons.” I couldn’t agree more to this. And that is why I like Meet The Robinsons. But the more compelling reason is like I’ve always mentioned, it’s the love for graphic. Anyway the life’s most simple reason here is “Keep Moving Forward”. Though you keep screwing everything up endlessly until you hopelessly feel that you are a complete loserest, all you need to do is keep moving forwards. Sometime, maybe you just have to endure being a the loserest now to win it all later. So make conclusion of your life essay only at your last breath. If there is still a kid in you, then I definitely recommend this movie.

Meet The Robinsons (2007)

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