Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)


It came out quite awhile ago. But just got a chance to watch it. Really cool movie. I really love this kind of movie. The kind of movie that will trigger your brain with their mastermind skills. It really reminds me of Italian Job (I still prefer Italian Job though). Can you imagine yourself losing half a billion in 3min 20sec? or Can you mastermind a plan to make a guy lose half a billion and his pride in one night? Ocean 13 just showed us that could be done, at least in the movie LOL. Despite the fact that I do find certain parts not realistic and practical, I still love the movie. I just like to experience the sensation complexity. However, it will be boring, if everything is unrealistic. I guess you gotta have that piece of skill to make the unreal looks real though unbelievable.
This movie is recommended.

Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)

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