Race To Witch Mountain (2009)

My Rating:

Another Alien-wannabe movie. The only difference is that, in Race To Witch Mountain, the main aliens character are beautiful and cute, and look exactly like a human teenager movie stars. And yes SPOILER ALERT, they didn’t show their true form throughout the whole movie. Oh well, like we didn’t expect that when we see the Walt Disney logo on top the title. And you might be wondering what was Dwayne Johnson doing in the movie? Yeah he got little bored and ran out of idea on what to do with his huge awesome muscular body, so he decided to become a taxi driver in this movie. It was on his unlucky day and he got involved with these nothing-like-alien aliens and well that’s what got him appear in the movie throughout.

So yes, didn’t like the movie.

Race To Witch Mountain (2009)

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