Ratatouille (2007)


Is it the movie or is it just me? Whatever, I fell in love with the movie completely. Alone in the dark room with my loud speaker blasting out, there I was watching this little 3-D rat-want-to-become-a-cook animation movie. As I’ve mentioned, I have a thing for 3D animation since I love graphic. But graphic aside, Ratatouille is really sth….erm…how should I say this….hmmm..ah yeah…sth DELICIOUS!!! Especially for those who have a dream or sth they want to achieve, sth that realistically out of reach, Ratatouille will give little bit more inspiration. It not like it will motivate you any further than you already are… but what I’m saying is that it’s sth completely pleasant and cheery. Amidst all the hectic school work, and the having-difficulty-in-understanding-all the stuff, I must admit that I feel pretty hopeless about myself. I guess this is right movie to get me back work. 🙂 I think maybe this is also the reason why I like this nothing-out-of-ordinary movie. I watched it at the right time.
So if you don’t mind going on a 2 hr delicious ride with this little rat, watch RATATOUILLE.

Ratatouille (2007)

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