Secret (2007)


On Friday night, I went on a movie marathon :). Watched 4 movies, 3 of which, I’ve already listed (Open Season, Tenacious D, and Evan Almighty) and this is the highlight of the marathon =P. What a sweet romance movie from Jay. I didn’t find it that extraordinary of a plot since I’ve already encountered a similar storyline a few times already. So it’s kinda expected. Nevertheless, it is just sweet. And woohoo!! I love the piano music too. Didn’t expect Jay to look so cool when playing Piano lolx. Oh yeah… I also love the part where Rain (don’t know the Chinese name -.-“) and Jay play the duo very much. Great movie. Highly Recommended. If you like Jay Chou, then the more reason you must not miss this movie.

P.S.: Looking forward to another Jay Chou’s movie??? CHEER!!! CHEER!!! Kung Fu Dunk is coming out real soon.

Secret (2007)

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