Superbad (2007)

One word for Superbad from me, SuperGood. =)
I seriously like it. It’s sth different. At first, when I saw Knocked Up, I thought it was pretty different but man, this one is even more creative.
First of all, let’s try to recall a teen comedy where all the main casts are fat, sloppy, nerdy, geeky, ugly, clumsy, uncool, dumb-ass, or all in one. I practically couldn’t recall any… let’s see
Not Another Teen Movie, Old School, American Pie 1 and 2, American Wedding, American Pie : Band Camp, American Pie : Naked Mile, Perfect Score, 100 Girls, Eurotrip, Road Trip, The Girl Next Door… etc. The guys in those movies look pretty good-looking to me. Nothing like the 3 in Superbad. And oh yeah… the guy from Knocked Up is there too… lol now that’s 4.

Superbad basically just show you that people, whom you might think they have no life, may actually have a sense of life better than you (hehe especially, McLoven). Just because they don’t look like it doesn’t mean they are not cool… doesn’t mean they don’t wanna be cool. Sometime, there is just no room for ’em…. Until Superbad came out. 🙂 Again, if you don’t mind constant swearing and vulgarity, Superbad is a must-watch.

P.S.: OMG! I’ve never actually seen a penis drawn in so many many way…

Superbad (2007)

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