Open Season (2006)


Another typical funny 3D animation. Nothing really particularly special about this one. It’s just another 3D animals animation. Basically, if you’ve watched Madagascar and Over The Hedge, Open Season will just make it your 3rd. ^.^ Personally, I really love it though. Graphic is food for eyes (+_+). I kinda find 3D Movies help to provide me some kinda escapism from reality once in while. I always get light-headed after watching one of those. ^.^ Never fail to be fascinated by the creative graphic design as well… =3 Watch it if you wanna see some 3D animals go wild during Open Season and some Bear-and-Deer friendship.
Oh yeah, there is one sentence from the movie I found amusing lolx here it goes:

“You’ve found a perfect friend, you’re a LOSER and he’s a LOSERER.”

Open Season (2006)

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