The Reaping (2007)


It got you scared in the beginning and then towards the end you realized that there is nothing to be scared about. They are all just bullsh*t. Also it quite hard to understand what’s really going on and to get the whole idea of all the nonsense. Only at the end, you finally get it and realize that what you thought is not what exactly it is (Anyway, since you don’t really get it so you may not be able to think abt anything in the first place). At first, they think it’s a PLAGUE and she found out it’s a CULT. In conclusion, it’s both a PLAGUE and a CULT. -.-” Seriously, you can spend your time on something more productive rather than watching this. UNLESS… you just wanna see Hilary Swank in tight jeans on screen, then by all means, go ahead.

The Reaping (2007)

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