Inception (2010)


Seeing Inception after right after Toy Story 3 makes me feel like 2010 has so many good movies. The power of 2 extremely good movies indeed. What is it with Christopher Nolan? Why does he always make such a  damn good movie? doesn’t he know when to screw up and disappoint people? A man of perfection indeed. My most favorite director of all time so far. He always chooses my kind of plot and make my favorite kind of movie and makes it brilliantly. Well I think that’s also true for a lot of people out there.

Now let’s get to Inception. If you’ve seen Anime movie called Paprika, Inception might not be the first of its kind for you. Otherwise, novelty it is. Inception in the film basically refers to the injection/creation of an idea into somebody’s mind, and in this case, through dream. The idea is that if you dream long enough and real enough you might mistaken it for memory. And that is when inception is successful. That’s the basic idea, you really have to see the movie for more detail. So what’s so amazing about inception? The messed up beginning that makes you think “what the hell?” and the following elaboration that make you go “oh…I see..” The the climax that will makes you go “Shit!” and wonder how it’s going to end. Not exactly. For me, what’s amazing is that how it elaborate to us how an idea, no matter how simple, can be so deeply imprinted and contagiously leads to series of different action that can be very dangerous/complex. Changing that idea would mean changing many things that follow. I just love how it shows how so bloody difficult it is to try configure something so conceptual and subtitle that most of us would easily overlook and ignore in our lives. This is what makes each of us different after all.

Inception (2010)

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