It’s been a while again….


Sometime when you’re too caught up with things, maintaining blog becomes a chore. A lot happened and things are moving faster than ever. Before I know it, semester recess is over and exam is coming. I pretty much had a lot of fun. However, I kinda find it saddening that everybody around me are occupied with stuffs like school, FYP, mid-term, Internship, etc. People complaining here and there from Facebook to blog, from MSN chat to dinner chat. It was so overwhelming that I start question myself. Am I really that good that I got it all figured out? or Do I just slack THAT MUCH? Because seriously and honestly, I don’t think it’s that bad.

But I gotta say, the main difference would probably the fact that those stuffs matter that much to them and less so to me. As to why, it doesn’t matter that much to me, I don’t really know why as well. Oh well, as long as I’m healthy and happy, and things are going fine, I’m grateful.

It’s been a while again….

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