Summer Wars (2009)

Summer wars


Summer Wars’ setting takes place in a modern day Japan. Kenji, a mathematics genius and online game coding part-timer, took a part-time job offer from his beautiful and popular senpai, Natsuki, with no clue of the detail of the job. It turns out that the part-time job is to pretend to be her boyfriend and husband-to-be in her family gathering. And from there, there a sudden turn of event where Kenji was later reported to be wanted fugitive who vandalize OZ (The name of the a very popular and extremely pervasive online game in the movie). His identity was exposed and from there, many more events unfold that turn his summer part time to be an unexpected battle to save the world and his wimp.

Summer Wars production value is so good. The plot line simply trying to projects that traditional values and spirits still hold even in modern day warfare. It wasn’t a very convincingly emotional/inspirational piece of work but I’d say it’s quite motivational with all the family-should-stick-and-fight-as-one thing going on. It’s pretty much portray how an ideal family should be in time of happiness and crisis – Together as one.

Summer Wars (2009)

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