Sometime, I’m just happy and smile for no apparently reason….

Sometime, I’m moody and looked angry even when I’m not…

Sometime, I’m just sleepy and doze off despite the 8 hrs of slumber….

Sometime, I’m so full of energy even after what it seems an eternity of study and 3 hrs of badminton, I still pull an all-nighter chit chatting…

Sometime, I’m so lazy that even shifting my buttock becomes a chore…

Sometime, I feel so accompanied even when nobody is around…

Sometime, I feel so lonely and down…

Sometime, I feel that life is so flowery and full of possibilities…

Sometime, I feel that it’s a monotony to infinity…

And most of the time, life just goes on.

It amazing how much turbulence our mind can create to disturb the peace in our soul. Sometime, I wish it would stop doing that and leave me alone, while other time, I’ll be wondering why didn’t it do that? Through all that, what I learnt is how handle and accept the negative “sometime” and walk through it with the hope that the positive “sometime” will eventually come.


Quote From Two & A Half Men

Jake: Guess what happened at school today.
Charlie: You made the honor role.
Jake: What’s that?
Charlie: Forget it. What happened at school?
Jake: There is girl.
Charlie: Okay. Now I’m listening.
Jake: Her name is Robin Newberry.
Charlie: Name’s not important. Proceed.
Jake: She gave me a cupcake.
Charlie: Yeah so?
Jake: I think she likes me.
Charlie: So what’s the problem?
Jake: Now I think she thinks I like her back.
Charlie: Do you?
Jake: I didn’t think I did but it was a really good cupcake.
Charlie: Wow! talk about your perfect metaphor.
Jake: Nooo It was a cupcake.
Charlie: Ok blind slat, listen up. I’m gonna tell you something that will serve you well for your entire life.
Jake: Like when you pee outside always face down wind?
Charlie: Better. By the way, what the hell were you thinking?
Jake: I was thinking “Boy, I hope that’s a really warm rain.”
Charlie: Ok. ok. Let’s focus on today lesson. Never ever confuse cupcake with love.
Jake: But I love cupcake.
Charlie: We all love cupcake. That doesn’t mean you have to love the baker.
Jake: Her mom baked it.
Charlie: You’re missing the point.
Jake: Robin just helped with the icing.
Charlie: Ok ok.
Jake: She made a smiley face with ???? (with red hot? red sth cannot catch)
Charlie: I get it! I’m just saying when someone freely gives you her cupcake your only obligation is to enjoy it. There’s no reason to get emotionally involved.
Jake: Why not?
Charlie: B’coz if you do the next you know, you’ll be stuck eating the same damn cupcake for the rest of your life.
Jake: But it was a really good cupcake! I can’t stop thinking about it.
Charlie: Yeah… I’ve had cupcakes like that. But the thing you gotta remember is there’ll always be other cupcakes. And if the day should come when you find yourself in a cupcake drought. And those days come don’t kid yourself. Well then you should just shelf out a nice couple of boxes for nice hoho.
Jake: *looking totally blanked
Charlie: Understand?
Jake: I think so. Thanks uncle Charlie.
Charlie: No problem.
Allen: Hey what are you guys talking about?
Jake: Sex.

While I find this scenario really hilarious, it’s not really a good lesson there.

Jake: I figured out. I don’t need a girlfriend. If I want a cupcake I’ll just make them myself.
Charlie: Taking matter into his own hand. The metaphor is now complete.
Jake: Anybody wanna lick the beads.
Charlie & Allen: No!

LOL! Quoted from Two & a Half Men season 3 episode 5

Quote From Two & A Half Men

5 Movies you wouldn’t wanna see in 2010

Sex and the City 2: While the first is my guilty pleasure, this is just plain crap.

Get Him to the Greek: Nonsensical is still way better than this. Get Him to the Greek might just be this year Razzie winner if

The Tooth Fairy: Dwayne Johson didn’t believe in tooth fairy and he was made into one, which is kinda gay, then after all the shit he went through to become human again, he believes it. That’s it!

Space Chim 2: I’m not sure if you even heard of the first one but nevertheless, I kinda like the first one. Although it wasn’t anything special but at least it was okay. But Space Chim 2 is definitely not okay. After I watched it, I wondered to myself how on earth could I came to kinda like the first one. It’s that bad.

Charlie St. Cloud: After so much anticipation, Charlie St. Cloud is a big let down for me. When I saw the trailer, I was hoping this could be the next Me and Orsen Welles from Zac Efron. Unfortunately, it’s just another 17 Again without the comedy part and that sucks.

5 Movies you wouldn’t wanna see in 2010