Sometime, I’m just happy and smile for no apparently reason….

Sometime, I’m moody and looked angry even when I’m not…

Sometime, I’m just sleepy and doze off despite the 8 hrs of slumber….

Sometime, I’m so full of energy even after what it seems an eternity of study and 3 hrs of badminton, I still pull an all-nighter chit chatting…

Sometime, I’m so lazy that even shifting my buttock becomes a chore…

Sometime, I feel so accompanied even when nobody is around…

Sometime, I feel so lonely and down…

Sometime, I feel that life is so flowery and full of possibilities…

Sometime, I feel that it’s a monotony to infinity…

And most of the time, life just goes on.

It amazing how much turbulence our mind can create to disturb the peace in our soul. Sometime, I wish it would stop doing that and leave me alone, while other time, I’ll be wondering why didn’t it do that? Through all that, what I learnt is how handle and accept the negative “sometime” and walk through it with the hope that the positive “sometime” will eventually come.


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