Just got it for myself as Christmas-and-after-exam gift yesterday. It’s been like over 6-7 years that I haven’t been wearing a wrist watch. So I thought neh I’m about to enter the working world soon so it’s about time to get myself a watch in case I need to look more corporate. Anyway, yeah so after doing some research I’ve decided to get the SEIKO SNA113P1. Honestly, I never expect that getting decent watch could be so troublesome. Or maybe I’m just too noob about watch. I had to find out what’s chronograph watch, what’s the difference between hardlex crystal and sapphire coated cystal, watch size, average prices… etc. That was seriously a lot of work for something that’s not so necessary. But oh well, since I’m going to spend a big buck on it, I figured I had to make sure I get what’s worthwhile.

All in all, it was quite worth the effort though. I got it for quite at a decent deal and I love it. The size of the watch face fits my hands perfectly and the weight is incredibly light due to the full titanium body. The lightest watch I’ve ever held so far.


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