Apacs Slayer 95

Why am I getting a new racket again? I have no idea… probably because my previous one sucks, and I feel that getting a new and presumably better ones would make me play better. So yeah it’s a psychological boost thingy I guess where you had to spend unnecessary amount of cash to make you feel that you had to play well. Anyway, on a serious note, the Slayer 95 definitely better than my previous racket – Yonex Nanospeed 500. For one thing it’s much lighter and the swing speed is much faster… in fact it’s too fast that I’m not used to it and always miss the shot timing. So I’m still trying to adjust to that. Another issue I have with it is that it’s slightly longer than the previous 2 racket I’ve played, and coz of that I miss the sweet spot quite often. So actually, I’m doing worse in the Slayer 95 at the moment. I’ve only tried it once though. Hopefully, I’ll get used to it and play better eventually. Otherwise….. I’m gonna buy a new racket…!? lol Not likely. This is probably my last investment on badminton racket. I wont be getting to play so often after graduation, which is the one thing that I’m definitely not looking forward to.

Anyway, back to the racket, I can conclude that it’s definitely a good racket and worth the buck. As for how good, the answer is obvious. I don’t know… After all, I’m just an intermediate casual player who’s still struggling to handle the pro equipment.

Apacs Slayer 95

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