Review: Tenjou Tenge


Finally, it’s completed. Tenjou Tenge‘s plot evolves around high school students gang group who go around fight each other in quest for power and domination… of what? I dunno exactly. Basically, they’re like students with damn powerful ability to fight… and there was dragon power and eventually they got involved with bigger clans and somehow everything became interlinked with history and historic villain and stuff. The manga was way too wordy and too much history and narrating. So I got confuse and skipped a lot of history part. That’s why I can’t tell much of what’s going on.

So what did I like about this manga? The level of details in the drawing. It’s probably the most detailed and elaborated manga I’ve ever read. The girls are super hot and sexy and the guys are super cool, handsome all. Seriously, each page, each battle power and skills, you can see the effort and attention that’s paid to the detail. And I love that. If you’re the type who’re more into storyline and stuff, Tenjou Tenge is definitely isn’t something you’d want to waste your time on.

Review: Tenjou Tenge

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