Sizzling StoneGrill @ JB

Went to JB with my juniors for after-exam lunch. It’s really been awhile since the last time I was there. And of course, we went to my favorite restaurant, the Sizzling StoneGrill. The best Stone grill I’ve ever had so far. The only one I’ve had so far. But seriously, it’s good. Wish they had it in Singapore. But doubt I’d go there if they had it. It’ll be darn expensive in Singapore. We spend about RM 170 for 6 pax. That was the price for the order of six big stone grill set, 3 drinks and 1 tom yum noodle. Worth it, I’d say.

The shitty part was we had to eat it fast as we were rushing for time. Then by the time I came back, I was starving and was craving for it again during dinner….zzzz I had to close eye and make do with canteen food…well not that dramatic but definitely unsatisfactory. Maybe I should take away 1 set home next time… I wonder if I can do that.

Sizzling StoneGrill @ JB

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