Christmas Episodes

Since it’s Christmas time, and all 3 of TV series I’m following has put interesting Christmas episode. I feel like doing a little recap.

How I Met Your Mother
Season 6 Episode 12

For 6 seasons straight, I still haven’t get to see the HIMYM Christmas episode that I wanted to see. You know, the episode of HIMYM where all 5 of them sit in their cozy apartment having a warm traditional Christmas celebration. That would be boring I guess. But I really do hope they have 1 of those episode eventually. Anyway, this season’s Christmas is interesting. The best so far I have to say. It’s not only hilarious but also has story and lessons for us to learn from. Well something like that.

Season 2 Episode 10

Glee Christmas episode rocks but the songs were a bit boring except for Last Christmas. Glee Christmas episode has it all. Secret Santa, Glee Club Christmas decoration, Christmas Miracle, and even the Grinch. Totally classic and I love it. I think that’s probably because I never get to really celebrate Christmas in the part of the world. Seeing it on TV probably the closest I can get to the real Christmas atmosphere celebration.

Family Guy
Season 6 Episode 7

FG Christmas episode has to be the best of all three. Beautiful soundtrack, shocking twist, epic climax, fantastic wrap-up and wonderful ending. Glee totally got pwned by FG in song selection this time. I find it rather genius how they could tweak it and turn it into one heck of a ride full of adventures and actions. If you want to know if Santa really exist or not? and what’s going on at the Northpole? and what would happen if Stewie and Brian are doing Santa’s job? then this episode will answer it all.

Christmas Episodes

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