Sport & Exercise

Sport and Exercise. I wonder since when did it become a chore instead of recreational activities. Or has it always been? I really don’t understand why people have to make plan and check schedule just to say yes an activity that benefit their health. Are they really that busy? Well, I wouldn’t know. But from experience, that’s usually not the case. What happened most of the time is we tend to paint this ugly picture of the activity in our head that almost immediately we manage to convince ourselves that we’d be better off doing other things, more fun or productive things. And almost immediately we manage to come up with a perfectly absolute excuse – I’m busy. And that ugly picture we paint in our usually goes like this:

  • If I go jog later, I would be exhausted afterward. Then I wouldn’t be able to do anything. Plus I hardly jog, if I do, I might also get muscle pain for a few days.
  • Soccer? I suck at soccer. I would just make a fool out of myself playing soccer and spoil other people’s game.
  • Only these few people going? I don’t really like them. It would be a boring session. I think I’ll pass.
  • etc. etc.

I don’t know what else could everyone be thinking when they’re picturing it but those are the most few commons ones that usually pop in my head and most of the people I know when we’re asked to play sport or thinking of whether we should do exercise that we’re not really in the mood to do. It’s ironic because the truth is we were never really into the mood to do them. Well, not at least until we started doing it. Just like studying. And just like the saying “No pain, No gain”. More like cliche to me. So yeah sometime, I really don’t get why people don’t give chance to things like playing sport and doing exercise when they have a choice and the time to. And what grinds my gear is the people who don’t and always talk like they do. And what really grinds my gear even more is the people who don’t, always talk like they do and call you play or ask you to call them to join but when the time comes they are either busy, not in the mood or too tired. Seriously man what’s the deal man! I really hate it when the person who does that is my friend.

Sport & Exercise

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