Rant: Judgmental People

I used to be pretty sure that I hate hypocrites and liars but now, I’m giving judgmental people a second thought. When given a thought, hypocrite isn’t actually so bad since they don’t really affect me in any way well despite the fact that they make u feel cheated for saying one thing and doing another. So simply, all you have to do is don’t pay too much attention to what they say and learn about them through observation instead.

Judgmental people (let’s just call it judger for easy reference) on the hand, can really screw us up psychologically.  I think it’s pretty normal for each us to be judgmental and I’m quite sure that everyone judges someone else negatively/positively at some point in life. It’s natural and it’s okay. But judgers are the extreme, expressive and exaggerated version of that. Usually, most people make judgment about others as reference in order not to unintentionally say/do something to hurt others’ feeling before really knowing them.  But Judgers are out there to do the exact opposite. What judgers do is negatively judge people and say it out loud. And the best part is they don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s like it’s okay to think that people with very low academic grade are stupid. Or IT people are nerds and boring people. etc. You can literally come up with endless examples. Is that necessary true?

The thing about judgers is that they can be really infectious to your mental state especially for people aren’t really sure of themselves, their goal in life, their strengths, weaknesses. With the current pace of society and its complexity, It’s pretty natural for each of us to be uncertain about life (at least at some point in life). In this is when judgers will really mess you up by telling you a lot of presumptuous things which sometime makes you feel anxious and desperate unnecessarily. The thing that is so corrupted about them is that they feel righteous about it. They feel that they have the right to critisize and you have the right to know and it’s your job to handle it. That’s life and “I’m giving you constructive criticisms.” Well, they’re not entirely wrong about that.

However, I think this kind of people should be more selective of their targets and their attacks. Some people is strong and understand better while others can easily subjected to mental pressure. People work best when their mind is in greatest shape. Therefore, there’s nothing constructive or righteous about decapitating someone’s mind.

Rant: Judgmental People