Job, Money and Salary

The hottest topic in my friend circles during this time. It started from the “Have you started applying for job?” period to the “Have you found a job?” and eventually “Where you work?”, “What you do?”, “How much they pay you?” etc. etc…

I have to admit that I’m getting quite sick of these conversation. Especially about money and salary. When you have these kind of the conversation with people, I realize you can actually see a lot in a person from his comments on the topic. You more or less can decide if one’s core value is in-line or completely opposite from you. I think this is probably 1 of the major reasons why people say you’ll have lesser friends when you start working.

Sometime, I really don’t understand why some people are so obsessed about salary and how much people around them are getting paid. I’ll be a hypocrite if I say money is not important but when one is over thinking about money and start giving up their own values because of it I think it’s kinda unhealthy especially when you just freshly graduated. Well, who am I to judge, when I barely understand what I truly value. It’s just that sometime I find it really annoying when someone who bothers too much about who’re rich, and who’re poor and keep talking to me about it.

Job, Money and Salary

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