Information Overflow

Last night after Skyping around 3am, I was browsing some talks on TED. I ended up watching them till around 5+.

There are really many interesting ideas and information around. Let’s see I watched…

  1. Dec 2006 – Richard St. John’s 8 secrets of success
    A hilarious and inspiring 3-min summary of his 2 hr talk on secret to success.
    And the key to success are: PASSION , WORK, FOCUS, PERSIST, SERVE, GOOD, PUSH, IDEAS.
  2. Feb 2004 – Malcolm Gladwell on Spaghetti Source
    He was supposed to talk about his new book, Blink but some how he ended up talking about the guy who’s most famous for reinventing spaghetti source. What I find intriguing about his speech is how well articulated he is about a guy and spaghetti almost sound like he’s very passionate about spaghetti. Probably he is. But the fact that he pulled out an example of the kind of fundamental societal impact that a person can cast upon society and the society is oblivious to it. It’s amazing really.
    3 points: Fundamental change the way the food industry think about making you happy, horizontal segmentation, confrontation with the notion of the platonic dish.
    Favorite sentence: He fundamentally democratize the way we think about taste.
  3. Apr 2008 – Johnny Lee demos – Wii Remote hacks
    Basically just short demo on how you can utilize your wii remote control to do awesome things with it.
  4. Aug 2010 – Birke Baehr – What’s wrong with our food system
    A presentation on food system by a courageous 11 year old boy. For an 11 year old, I think he’s remarkably mature in his delivery. He has slight sense of humor and clearly brought his idea across with substantial back up story and evidence. He’s truly and aspiration.
  5. Jan 2011 – Martin Jacques – Understanding the rise of China
    He elaborates on the fundamental understanding that people need to have about China that has very close correlation with the understanding of the making of modern China. It’s very interesting and novel perspective especially for western population because as he mentioned, majority of the western population are oblivious the culture of the rest of the world. Others know so much about them but they barely knew anything about others.
    3 Keys Understanding: China is not a nation state it’s a  civilization state. Conception of Race: 90+% of Chinese think they belong to the same race, Relationship between the state and society.
  6. Feb 2009 – Juan Enriquez shares mindboggling science
    I can’t really make sense and connect the whole thing but basically, I think what he was trying to say was that US is playing a very complex financial gamble that not only their people but also the financial institutions that govern this system barely understand the impact and side effect of this system. And while is world’s economy is crippling and trying to cope with all these growth in financial complexity, there’s still another bigger wave that’s grow rapid and that’s technology. And these technology is not only growing exponentially but also horizontally. It’s moving so fast and so variable that sooner or later technology will no longer be just part of your life but it will be your life. And finally, he concluded, by referencing to Darwin’s theory of evolution, that all these growth and changes is happening to give rise to a new line of species in the evolution series, the Homo Evolutis.
  7. Jul 2011 – Kevin Slavin – How algorithms shape our world
    This talk is extremely interesting. He explains how some very complex algorithms employed by the some of the world biggest financial institutions in the world are literally shaping the world. I really have no idea that they would go to such extend to make way for an algorithm to work the way the want it. Extremely fascinating but at the same time, frightening.
  8. Ric Elias: 3 things I learned while my plane crashed
    A short and inspiring speech of what he learned from his near death experience.
And after watching all these talks, the first thing that came to my mind was “Wow! That’s a lot of information. And there’re still much more of them I haven’t watched and I want to watch.” And I’m facing the same old problem majority of population when they’re fed with information. I can grasp and understand the information but I can’t really see how this information can be useful and beneficial to me and eventually I know I will not remember this information if I don’t use them and the new ones come in. And then the dilemma is why do I still consume more information when I cannot store them? I’m not really sure actually. I feel like I have been driven into this information-consuming conformity system where I need to constantly consume latest and most updated information to keep myself on track with things happening around. Eventually, I find myself spending majority of my time accumulating information and almost none reflecting on them. Somehow, I realize that what I am doing is to continue overloading myself with contents and hopefully one day it will all make sense and I begin to see the connection. Just like what I experience in the area of interpersonal relationship. I only started to understand people once I stop trying to understand them. Sometime, you gotta have faith in time I guess.
Information Overflow

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