Cowboys and Aliens (2011)


Haven’t been reviewing movie in awhile. That goes to show how busy working life is compared to school life. Just got to see this movie yesterday with my little gang. This movie is so-so. But again when you see a title like Cowboys & Aliens, you just can’t expect much. I really wonder if the comic is any much better. Anyway, Cowboys & Aliens is as the title states, about cowboys battling aliens who apparently come down to earth look for gold for whatever reason it was. The Aliens was all super powerful and mighty, and the cowboy side there was basically only 1 guy who can really do anything to alien as he has this bracelet stolen from the alien when he got away from his alien probe incidence. The rest of the cowboys and the Indians who joined force with them was practically fighting with their revolvers, arrows and spears. And that’s when it starts to not make sense. Sometime, no matter how many bullet and arrow they shot at the alien, the alien seem to be unhurt. But sometime time just one poke of a stick, the bloody alien just drop dead in an instant. Well I guess it’s not supposed to make sense.

Overall, this movie doesn’t have much plot, if you just want to see some aliens, some shooting, some explosion and some Cowboys and 1 hot girl… go for it. Otherwise, don’t even think about it. Waste of money.

Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

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