A Simple Weekend

Unintended but turned to be so. My typical weekend since start working is Saturday out, Sunday in. My Saturday always starts with badminton followed by meet up with some friends and Sunday stay home to cool off the heat from the week and get ready for the next. However this week is a little different. Well it’s started with Badminton as usually but this week, I play with my housemate and his friends since my usual gang are busy. It feels great to play all out with good players. Great games. After the games, I headed home. Initially wanted to disturb some friend in NUS but some of them were occupied so they called it off. So yeah along the way, I made a stop to pick up a book I ordered online. While I was there, I got a little distracted and ended up staying awhile to shop for a few more books and some grocery shopping. Finally, went to grab my lunch and orange juice. From there I just enjoyed the rest of my day at home. The same goes for Sunday. Having home cooked food by my housemate, do the dishes, did laundry, read book and surf net.

It is a really simple and peaceful Sunday indeed. Though I was more or less alone, I felt peaceful and contented somehow.

A Simple Weekend

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