High Quality

Recently, I found myself upgrading my demands for quality in various things. So I decided to blog about it. I’ve just recently got my 21.5″ LED monitor like last week. Then I realize on a 1920×1080 resolution, 720p video quality looks almost like a DVDRip quality on my old LCD. So yeah I started downloading 1080p quality videos. Then just recently I just found out that .mp3 music quality is actually quite lousy because it’s lossless format or stuff like that… even at 320 kbps rate it’s still doesn’t sound that superb on a good earphone. That’s when I got to know these new formats called lossless formats. These lossless formats music come in extensions like .flac, .ape, and .m4a. I don’t know in great details of what exactly lossless format but from the name and the file size, I guess it’s like .png for image where the sound quality is not sacrificed (lost) after compression is done. One thing for sure is that it sounds much better than mp3! And that’s all I need to know! >.< Well basically, the vocal and the instruments sound clearer than that of mp3 especially when you play it loud. You’ll notice the difference. And if you have 1 of those damn good surround system or headphones. Then it’ll be damn obvious… anyway, if you’re owning one of those sound systems, I’m sure you already know about it more than me. I’m just stepping into this holy awesome world! >.<

Not only my taste for Video and Music quality upgraded, but for book as well. Now for me, it has to be real book, no pdf or any other ebook format. God, I know I’m spoiling myself. but again if you can afford to upgrade for a better standard why not right? 🙂

High Quality

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