Travel & Adventure

Last Sunday, on the way back home from a very tiring day out, me and my flat mate was having this discussion about travelling and adventure. He was saying he wants to save up to travel. He wants to go somewhere to have an adventure. Then we got on this topic about adventure. We both agreed that to go for adventure we need to go with the right group of people. The people with the right spirit. The spirit for adventure. But it seems that to him, a definition of adventure is something like exploring the wild. Something that is physically challenging and sometime can be a bit dangerous. That’s when I realize that people can have different definition of adventure, different idea of adventure. So actually to be accurate, to get best experience from an adventure is go with people with right spirit and have similar idea of adventure.

I think adventure is anything that gives a person new experience or allows him experience something different out of his ordinary encounter along with sense of danger, thrills, and excitement. Personally, I’m very flexible in that. As long as, the feeling and experience is different, I could be doing the same thing and still enjoying it. Most of the time, all I need is the right group of people. Other than that it really doesn’t matter where I go or what I do. Despite saying so, when with the right group of people, you just ending going places and doing awesome things together. I think sometime it defeats the purpose when you always have expectations and demanding something out a trip or an outing. We should just learn to enjoy each other’s company and take whatever experience to come. Embrace our great experience together and joke about all the shitty experience with each other. Like they say… “Life is a joke. All you need is the right punchline.”

Travel & Adventure

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