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On 4th Oct, Apple announced iPhone 4S. A lot of disappointment around that the announcement wasn’t the iPhone 5. I, too, was disappointed.  But I guess I can’t wait anymore, I’m just going to get the 4S which will be available in Singapore on 28th Oct. Other than this big announcement, there was another big news. That is the death of Apple’s Co-Founder and Ex-CEO Steve Job a day right after the official launch of iPhone 4S. It’s like the man was holding to his last breath to witness the release of his last legacy. Many moan for his death and send condolences. A man who single-handedly shaped the world with his genius vision. A man truly worth the title “legend”. So may he rest in peace.

With that, let’s get back to phone. Yesterday, I was looking at Samsumg Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation.  Galaxy S II performance is awesome, quite superior to the Sensation but I love the look and feel of the Sensation. The Galaxy S II looks kinda dorky. So yes now I’m really controlling myself to wait for the iPhone 4S. While I’m trying hard to control myself? guess what? Today I saw on HardwareZone that HTC is releasing Sensation XE end of Q4 this year. What the hell man? Sensation XE looks awesome in almost every way, well except the internal memory. And it has Beats Audi system!! damn! with that said, I don’t think I can wait any longer for it. Once the iPhone 4S is out I think I’m just gonna go for it. My patience is really running thin.

Phones & Jobs

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