Lately, I have spoken to a few broken-hearted people. Once again, it’s a reminder this recurring process can happen to anybody anytime. It happened to me. It happened to my love ones, my friends, people I don’t know…. Having gone through that process, having spoken to many people who have been broken, I notice a prominent occurrence when people are broken. When we broke we become a cynic. The harder we break the more cynical we become. The more we break or seeing people the deeper it rooted in our heart. With time, some of us escaped from it and regain our faith in love while other just fall deeper into the abyss and that itself prevent them from the seeing the light of love. It’s a saddening truth in life.

After I was saved. I wish I could save others as well but the more I am into it the more I realize things aren’t that simple. Not everybody wishes to be saved by you. Not everybody think they needed saving. Not everybody accept it. Some are just too stubborn. You can’t just walk in share your story and expecting people to change immediately. It just doesn’t work. You have to be persistent. You have to be selfless. You have to be patient. It’s a commitment. A devotion.

Having seen the many who has lost and is losing their way, I can’t help but feel very appreciative of the blessing I’ve been given thus far. At the same time it’s saddening to witness the rampant sorrow, that could be healed with a little love but instead remained wounded. I wish everything will turn out well for everybody somehow.


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