Facebook Rehab

Calling it a rehab is rather missleading, however I chose to look at it that way. Anyway, recently, I decided to deactivate my FB account during a moment of impulse. That was the moment when FB seems to be the root cause of unnecessary stress. Likely most people, FB has been my homepage and the unclosable tab. Checking it every now and then becomes habitual or rather addictive. But no matter what, I’m still aware deep down that it’s just a communication portal. I’m there because everybody else is there (all the time). And being an online communication, I always have the perception that it’s place where I can express myself freely and pretend to be whoever I like sometime… posting non related status, sharing news, pretending the be happy, pretending to be sad…. Never for once, I ever thought it can replace face-to-face communication. Most of the things I do or post on Facebook is always in line with how I want my Facebook profile to be judge or seen on the surface and by no mean, it’s a representation of me. Well not even close. The people who know me best is still my friends and love ones. I’d like to keep it that way.

With that said, when your friends start to believe your Facebook more than you. Everything you do in contrast to your Facebook updates is doubtful and questionable. That’s the moment I know it can no longer be a part of my life, at least for the time being. I think this happened because as time goes by some people start to unconsciously treat Facebook an online symbol of themselves. With that, they also start making assumption that everybody else is the same. It’s a saddening behavioral evolution. But with 800 millions real/non real people using it, I guess it’s impossible to eliminate existence Facebook, so for now I’ll eliminate my existence from Facebook. Until things are back to the way it should be…

Oh one last thing, I just realize that after I get off Facebook, nobody really cares. If Facebook doesn’t show them updates of me, they have tons of other updates to look at and comment on. You matter only because Facebook make you appear on their news feed so they can care for you that one fraction of second or at least pretend to care. If no update, they would go “Oh well, I guess he’s busy and has his own things going on that’s why he’s not on Facebook…. oh yes! new notification!”

Facebook Rehab

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