This week favorite stuffs

Well first of all I’ve completed 2 books, Blink and Have A Little Faith. I want to review them but with my current schedule, I don’t think I have time to do so yet. Will set aside sometime to do so soon. Great books indeed. I’ve learned so much.

Next is my new favorite Girl Band – 2NE1. I’ve never crazy about any Asian group in awhile, the last time was with After School. After hearing Lonely, Hate, Ugly (Japanese Version) and Go Away, 2NE1 is officially my most favorite girl band.

Next is the games and movies I’m looking forward to the most. And they are Diablo III, DotA 2 and The Avengers. I’ve been quite a fan of Diablo II at one point and played it like mad. So I guess it’s natural to be dying to play the 3rd installment of the game which looks really awesome! Same goes for dotA. I’ve been donating so much of my lifetime to this game. So I guess it’s only right to donate a bit some more to experience the upgrade. 😛 Finally the most anticipated movie, well if you’ve been following all the super hero movies. Then Avengers is definitely something you’re also looking forward to… because… they come together! hell yeah!

Lastly, gadgets. I’ve been looking at and getting a lot of updates on gadgets late. The other day I’ve posted about phone. So here is something else. I’ve been wanting to get a DSLR for along time. So recently I’ve been looking at some models to set aside budget for. After looking around I suddenly found myself interested in something that is not really DSLR. And that is the Sony NEX-5. It delivers the power and quality of a DLSR while looking like a large digital camera. However, it doesn’t quite do the job of DSLR. So yes, you can say it’s like a hybrid between DSLR and Compact Digital Camera. Anyway, yeah I’m going for image quality and many reviews say the NEX-5 delivers some awesome image quality, much better than a lot of low-end DSLR out there. However, price-wise requires some consideration. 😛

Next in line is not something I want to get but definitely interested in it and that is the newly release Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire. I found out about these from my brother and one of my friends, who’re really keen on this. Definitely a cool gadgets with reasonable price.

This week favorite stuffs

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