TEDx NTU 2011

It was held last Saturday at Marina Bay Sand Expo and Convention Centre. TEDx NTU 2011 is an independent TED events organized by a group of NTU students. A few of my friends are also part of the organizing committee. That’s how I come to know of the event. They have manage to invite a good line up of speakers on different topics from business and career to science and technology. I found most of the stuffs address in business and career to be rather cliche. It’s the stuffs that people have been talking and preaching about it over and over. For the people who care, they’ve already gone pass this and is already trying to achieve what these people are talking about and no longer interested in hearing them. As for the people who don’t care, they just like hearing them over and over and still can’t be bothered.

On the technology, Mr Wong Meng Weng who’s running JFDI, gave a pretty good insight on being a modern world magic creating magic with a simple crazy ideas. And he presented us with 6 crazy project idea he came across. It was both insightful and hilarious. However, I didn’t think he was the best speaker of the day. The best speakers of the day for me, are ironically the two speakers who were not there. They were just video download from TED website. One of whom is Seth Godin on being remark. Another I forgot his name.

Overall, the whole event was pretty well organize and up to standard considering it’s a free admission event. The tea break refreshment was great. The lunch not so much. But still, I’m thank for the free meal. 🙂

TEDx NTU 2011

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