Stumbled Upon (20 Oct 2011)

This I stumbled upon some pretty good stuffs worth sharing. First of all let’s start with YouTube. I was redditting… wait has this become a term yet? Anyway, yeah I was redditting in the WTF section and came across this rant on sexism—a pretty hardcore truth right in your face. Next if you recall a viral video from this 2 little girls in their pink princess-like dress singing Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass, well they’re now stars on Allen DeGeneres. There were invited on the show and get to meet Nicki Minaj in person. Their reaction when they meet Nicki is hilarious. Again on Allen DeGeneres, I saw one of my favorite YouTube singers as well, and it’s non other than Christina Grimmie! She was performing How To Love on the show.

Next is some random stuff on the web. If you think, you’ve always pronounce banana correctly then you maybe wrong. Check this out. And if you want to know what else you can do with your left over potato chips after eating them. Then see this.

Finally, let’s see what happening on news that matters to me. First of all is my used-to-be favorite boy band—Westlife—is separating after releasing their final album some where in Nov (Link). As for the local news, The Govt is announcing something called a NS disruption list. Interested? Read it up. Then we have some really WTF news like Hong Kong’s pampered pooches take yoga classes and High Heels for Men Are On Demand. We’re seriously moving toward this ridiculously weird world where people just competing to come up with weirder stuffs everyday… some of them are awesome, some are rubbish, some just pure WTF.

Stumbled Upon (20 Oct 2011)

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