Big News Bad News Better News (28.10.2011)

  • Big: iPhone 4S is launching in Singapore today! Look at the news it’s madness.
  • Big: Well, this is not really big but big for me. I’ve been looking for a good and affordable keyboard these day. Should’ve seen this earlier. Too bad I’ve already bought mine.
  • Big: Wow Beats new model? But seriously I don’t like all the Lady Gaga serious… they look too “theatrical” for me. 😉
  • Big: Wow that’s fast! I was expecting at least some time to come with the release of 4S but I guess Samsung’s force is much stronger than expected.
  • Bad: Seems like Singapore is feeling the effect of the flood in Thailand. The heavy rain in the past few days gave me some serious flu as well.
  • Bad: Everyday that it rains, somewhere get flooded. It doesn’t look serious but the fact that it’s flooding is already out of ordinary for Singapore.
  • Bad: This extremely extensive flooding in Thailand has hit global news for quite sometime. It’s getting really serious. I wonder
  • Bad: I do not like this at all… hopefully, it’s just a small unintentional tension.
  • Bad: Sigh sigh… first the land of rising sun now the land of thank giving also got hit…
  • Better: Wow! =3 I wonder what’s going happen next? 😉
  • Discovery: Now only they officially discover that out? I think I can become scientist. lol
Big News Bad News Better News (28.10.2011)

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