I’m Fine…

I don’t know if it’s the rain, the work or just my mood but somehow, I suddenly am feel like I’m carrying world on my shoulder and it’s really heavy. While, I was only mentally prepared for the hectic work schedule coming this month, I didn’t expect to get myself into any other complication or distraction. However, like always thing never really turned out the way you expected / as planned. As soon as this month started, one big complication entailed. Then followed by 2 more, one after another. I was confused and unable to think straight these period. That causes insomnia and other stuff. Then I found myself struggling to stay focus on my work. I managed it somehow but it was depressing.

I tried very hard to fight it, hold my self together and appear totally fine. I hope things are over quickly. The weight is feeling very heavy now.

I’m Fine…

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