Low Point

No matter what problem I have and how many thoughts on my mind, once I step into office I always realize that I still have people I need to take care of and live for. On top of that, the world doesn’t really care about how I feel only how well I can perform. So no matter how tired, moody, sad, miserable and sleep-deprived I am, I still have to look up and move on like nothing is happening. After all, life is about consistency. No one care if you’ve been good all the time, they only remember that one time you make a super damn big mistake. With that, give yourself a slap in the face wash it and start working…

Low Point


Recently, I somehow begin to feel so honored to be born in this era. The era where some of the worlds greatest legends are born and made. Why do I suddenly feel so? It’s because of the recent incredible events which include the rise of Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow, and the Adele‘s clean sweep at Grammy. They have really taken the world to the new level of ecstasy and giving an unprecedented surprise. And not forgetting other legends in other fields of sport.

I’m not really that of a fan of basketball but at point in life, I used to play EA NBA on my PC and followed a bit of basketball. That time was the peak for the LA Lakers and I fell in love with Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba. I still do love him. Then, my other favorite is Allen Iverson. And of course the current rookie that’s rocking the NBA world is Jeremy Lin.

In Football, which I totally don’t follow at all, Tim Tebow is getting a lot of attention even from a non-football fan. That’s how much buzz he creates.

In Music, we have my recent favorite Adele. I was just hoping she’d get something in Grammy. I was expecting a clean sweep 6 Grammies. When I saw the news I was like WTF! Yeah, anyway long story short she won all 6 categories she was nominated for, which include the 3 most prestigious Grammy’s categories, Record of The Year, Albumn of The Year and Song of The Year.

In Golf, we have the legendary Tiger Wood, well at least up to before his series of scandalous events. I still respect him as a sport man though.

In my recent favorite sport Tennis, we have Roger Federer, the King, and my favorite, Rafael Nadal, the King of Clay. And recently, Novak Djokovic is coming out trying to make his name in the Tennis history. Let’s see how far he can go.

In in badminton, the sport that actually play on actually court and not on computer games, we have Lee Chong Wei.

Then soccer, my other favorite sport, we my all-time favorites from my favorite club Ronaldinho, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi! Then we also have the great Zidane and Chirstiano Ronaldo.

These are definitely the people that bring a lot magic to the world and make us believe in possibilities. I’m just truly grateful to be witnessing all these.


CNY Holz Food Venture

Well well it was awesome to be back home for Chinese New Year this time. I really went on rampage for food.

The first day I got back, I started off with this Ice-Cream at the airport while waiting for my dad to get out of jam to pick us up for lunch. I didn’t manage to notice the shop name because I was too busy chatting with my bro and my other bro was the 1 buying. I wasn’t really crazy over it because it was way too sweet for me. I didn’t even finish mine.

When finally, my dad came then we headed for lunch at a place near Independence monument. Again, I was too busy chit chatting to notice the restaurant name. All I knew was that my bro’s colleagues like to come and eat here. The food was great! or was it because I was so hungry? nah, because my parents and bro said they were too. I couldn’t really recall exactly what we ate. Only remember my deep fried pork rib and remember vaguely that we had a nice soup too. Then at night we headed to my parents’ most favorite restaurant – the Chinese restaurant. I never really know its name because my parents always call it the Chinese restaurant (ហាងចិន) They wanted to bring me there to eat Lobster Soup (ស្ងោជ្រក់បង្កង) and Honey Roasted Duck (ទាក្វៃទឹកឃ្មុំ) but unfortunately, their roasted duck ran out. So instead we had the lobster soup, Special Garlic Fried Pork Rib (ឆ្អឹងជម្នីជ្រូកបំពង), Khor Pig Intestine (ខពោះវៀនជ្រូក), and Fried Egg with Minced Pork (ពងទាចៀនសាច់ជ្រូកចញ្រ្ចាំ). It was ecstatic! It’s really been a long while since I last had Cambodian food. I loved the pork rib mainly because it’s crispy and meaty at the same time and mix their very nice fish sauce  just did the trick for me. The pig intestine was to my taste too. It was sweet and intestines were soft and tender, yet a bit chewy. Yummy! Needless to say, the lobster soup was most of awesome! Come on, it’s lobster! And that’s that for the night.

The next day was Chinese New Year, which means?? More food! Woke, prepare altar, do the ritual, so on and so forth. Then it was lunch time. For our little CNY reunion lunch, we had Fried Chicken, Steam Chicken, and other 2 dishes which I don’t know how to call it in English but 1 is soup which consist of assorted meats and vegetable (សម្លរចាប់ឆាយ) and something like fried meet roll (ហ៊ែគឹង). The Soup and Heh Keng were great! we quickly finished off our lunch, packed up, locked up the house and hit the road for the beach. We reach KPS around dinner time and had dinner at the beach. I’ll skip the dinner because it wasn’t any special. Quite horrible in fact. Next morning, after some action in the pool, we went for the hotel breakfast buffet where I had (បាយសាច់ជ្រូក), fried noodle, fried chicken and some ice coffee with milk. Delicious. They had plenty of other stuffs like Khmer curry noodle, plain porridge with salty fried fish, salted egg, ham, toast etc. After that we headed for Hawaii beach for lunch. There, we ordered Steamed Crab (ក្ដាមស្ងោ) and BBQ Squid (មឹកអាំង). Then I cleaned my stomach with some delicious Mandarin, Grapes, Longan, and Yellow Bean Cake Roll (Don’t really know its name). The crab was really good but the Squid not so because I liked it well cooked but this one we had still have the liquid liquid thing inside the squid and doesn’t taste so cooked and the BBQ smell was also not that strong. Well, in any case, after lunch we rest for awhile and off we went. Back home. We reached back PP around dinner time. We went to Lim Try (លឹមទ្រី) for dinner. I had Sam Chouk Porridge (បបរសាមចូក) and Plain Porridge (បបរស) with fried Chinese sausage (សាច់ក្រកចៀន), and Fried Egg with Proh Ma Fish (ពងទាចៀនត្រីប្រម៉ា). I’ve been dying to have (បបរសាមចូក) for so long. I thought finally I could enjoy it. But not so much because (បបរសាមចូក) there sucks. It was too watery and the porridge texture was quite grainy. But, sausage and fried egg were good, especially the sausage! With that, it was another day.

Then came Tuesday a day with my Sweetie. We had Kway Teow Soup (គុយទាវ) near Sovanna for breakfast. I have not much comment because I find most of the the Kway Teow in Cambodia are very nice. It’s probably because I’m too deprived of it. Then we went to grab an ice milk coffee at my sweetie’s favorite. It cheap and good but I still think the one at You&Me in front of my house is better. After that somehow we ended up having a very late lunch at City Mall Lucky Burger. We had 3 piece chicken meal set. After that we waited to go for dinner with friends at Khmer Thai Restaurant. On the way there in the evening, she stopped at road side shop to introduce me an extremely cheap and nice Sugar Cane (ទឹកអំពៅ) shop. I was totally stunned that there’s still such a cheap Sugar Cane around these day. We were early, so we waited for others to come. When all were here we headed inside. Let’s see what we had. Hmm… there was this Fish Soup (សម្លរម្ជូរត្រី?) which was a bit like Tom Yum bit like Som Lor Mju. I couldn’t tell. Then we also ordered Fried Chicken Wings, Fish Cake, and Papaya Salad. Yeah again. The sauce that came with the wings was really good. After dinner, we bid farewell.

Next day morning, I had Cambodian Pork Rice (បាយសាច់ជ្រូក) with Kon Chrouk. After that we went for lunch around 2pm+, we were kind of in a rush. So we wanted to grab something quick. But when we walked passed Pizza World, we had a such a sudden crave for it. So we were like “heck it! let’s eat in Pizza World.” We ordered Bolognese Spaghetti, Seafood Spaghetti, Bread sticks, Fried Chicken wings, and Chicken Mushroom Soup. Their spaghetti sucks, very oily and tasteless. Nothing like spaghetti. I’ve tried a lot of spaghetti and it’s one of my favorite food. I really can’t stand it when it’s that sucky. But the disappointment was compensated by the other 3 dishes. Their bread stick was awesome. Slightly sweet and softly crispy. yummy! Their chicken wings were terrific too especially when mixed with their honey BBQ sauce. Superb! Last but not least the Chicken Mushroom Soup. LOL it’s the first time ever I heard of such thing. Usually, only it’s just mushroom soup. This mushroom soup is different from what I usually have in Singapore because they seem to add a Cambodian touch to it which made it taste less Westernized and more homely. If you know what I mean. Bottom line, go and try it! 😉 After that we went for Karaoke a while. In the evening, we met up with some friend for some Steamboat. I didn’t remember the steamboat place name. Or does it even have a name? Anyway, I just know it’s near Kirirom Curtain Shop. Steamboat was really good and affordable. New nice food place added to my list. lolz After that, I was so full. When reached back home, there were some left over dinner and my dad bought me one Cambodian Sandwitch (? នំបុ័ងសាច់). I gobbled them up while enjoying TV with my family. I know. I’m sick! But what to do, can’t have food left and thrown away. That would be wasteful.

On Thursday, I was supposed to help Sweetie with her project. So I had Chicken rice (បាយសាច់មាន់) and my favorite ice milk coffee at home before heading to Viking House just to have 2nd breakfast!. -__-” So yes, I ordered Vegetarian Noodle (មីបួសស៊ុប) and Lychee Snow Blend with Colorful Jelly and Pearl (ពីងសាគូលែនដាក់ចរណៃនិងគុជ). I didn’t recall we actually any lunch that day. We stayed there until it was too crowded for comfort and we got sleepy as well. So left to take a nap until afternoon we met again at Park Cafe Sovanna with her teammates to continue the project. During the project. I again had ice milk coffee with Seafood Spaghetti. The seafood spaghetti at Park Cafe was much better than Pizza World but their ice milk coffee cannot make it. And overpriced as well. Then for snack we had Fried Spring Roll and French Fries. The fish sauce for the Fried Spring Roll was delicious. Again we drown ourselves in project work till dinner time, where we left for Sovanna for dinner at Master Suki Soup. Well, I have Master Suki Soup very often every time I go back home. So nothing worth complementing about. With that, that was it for the day.

Friday. Woke up early. Rush to Sovanna for final stretch of project work before the actual the day. Drop by Lucky to get some Croissant and Chocolate Croissant for breakfast. Then headed up T&C upstairs to do work. There we ordered a Mocha Frappe. I gotta say I’m too in love with Starbuck Mocha Frappe. So far I haven’t found any other that matches it. And this T&C’s one also not either. But at least it’s drinkable. Too engrossed with our work, we ended up having a late lunch. Me and sweetie for lunch buffet at Korean BBQ. A lot of people told me the buffet there is overpriced. But I didn’t really think so. I think for what we ate it was considered cheap for buffet. Or is it because we were so hungry that day that we ate so much?? Well, I couldn’t tell but I still think for US$7.80, it’s okay for a buffet. Including vegetable, we ordered a total of 24 plates. Epic! lol We worked till late evening. Until my parents came and pick me up for dinner. We went Mutton BBQ (ពពែភ្នំភ្លឺង). It’s long since become our tradition to go for Mutton BBQ every time I go home. It’s the only time of the year that all of us get to have it. Though the shop has expanded but the food quality is getting worse and worse.

Saturday was sweetie’s Competition day. I went to support her and got free lunch from the event. Four of us had two and a half regular size pizza from Pizza Company. I didn’t really  know what flavor they were but they taste pretty. It was too much for us though we didn’t finish it. Besides that, there were free Swensen’s Ice Cream too. After the competition was over, we return home to prepare for the closing ceremony at Phnom Penh hotel in the evening. Time for some big hotel buffet! They had plenty of things. I ignored the salad portion. Didn’t even bother to look at them. For the main meal, I had this BBQ pork/beef I can’t remember. Then roasted duck, curry chicken, mee goreng (to my surprise)…and other stuff that I couldn’t recall. The only really I really remember from the buffet was how good their water melon was and their Blueberry Cheese Cake!

Then it was Sunday. First thing was brunch with sweetie at BBQ Chicken Sovanna. We ordered their special lunch set meal. I gotta their honey grill/BBQ chicken was awesome! How I wish they have it in Singapore. We skipped lunch. Then around afternoon, we went for Snow Yogurt at Sovanna. We ordered 1 blueberry flavor and 1 original. I ordered my original with gummy bear and raisin topping. Seriously I didn’t remember Snow Yogurt was this bad. The last time my bro brought me to the one at Koh Pich, I thought it was awesome! But this time, it wasn’t at all. The taste was a bit weird and plain, and the topping was all hard and frozen. Sigh…. Then we hang around there and kill sometime till our time to meet with some friends for ice cream at Toto. At Toto, I had Strawberry Waffles and Chocolate Waffles. Yeap, that’s right double servings! Total 4 big scoops and 2 waffles. That’s how good it was~! no kidding! My friends said the strawberry was quite sour but somehow, I kinda like it that way. The chocolate hmps! yummy. It was like almost as good as Awfully Chocolate. My 2nd bro said it was too sweet but I gotta agree with my 3rd bro that I wasn’t. To round of the day, I went to Master Suki Soup (Yeap again!) with her sisters.

Monday. Time to fly back. the last thing I had was breakfast with my family at their favorite breakfast. I had Kway Toew Soup (គុយទាវ), Yu Tao (ចាខ្វៃ) and Ice Milk Coffee (កាហេ្វទឹកដោះគោ)…. All in all, my CNY food adventure at home was EPIC!!! I love it. Can’t wait to go have another food adventure especially with my lovely sweetie. I won’t say we a big food nerd or hard core enthusiasts. But we’re definitely on the same frequency when it comes to talking about and going around trying out food.

CNY Holz Food Venture

Well-Said True Fact About Shitty People

An Excerpt from Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

“Hey Watanabe, let’s go down to the Cafeteria.”

I agreed to go, but in fact I didn’t much feel like eating. The cafeteria was so packed with doctor, nurses, and visitors. Long lines of chairs and tables filled the huge, windowless underground cavern where every mouth seems to be eating or talking – about sickness, no doubt, the voices echoing and re-echoing as in a tunnel. Now and then the PA system would break through the reverberation with calls for a doctor or nurse. While I laid claim to a table, Midori bought two set meals and carried them over on an aluminium tray. Croquettes with cream sauce, potato salad, shredded cabbage, boiled vegetables, rice and miso soup; these were lined up in a tray in the same white plastic dishes they used for patients. I ate about half of mine and left the rest. Midori seems to enjoy her meal to the last mouthful.

“Not hungry?” she asked, sipping hot tea.

“Not really,” I said.

“It’s the hospital,” she said, scanning the cafeteria. “This always happens when people aren’t used to the place. The smells, the sounds, the stale air, patients’ faces, stress, irritation, disappointment, pain, fatigue – that’s what does it. It grabs you in the stomach and kills your appetite. Once you get used to it, though, it’s no problem at all. Plus, you can’t really take of a sick person unless you eat properly. It’s true. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve done that with my grandfather, my grandmother, my mother, and now my father. You never know when you’re going to have to miss your next meal, so it’s important to eat when you can.

“I see what you mean,” I said.

“Relatives come to visit and they eat with me here, and they always leave half their food, just like you. And they always say, ‘Oh, Midori, it’s wonderful you’ve got such a healthy appetite. I’m too upset to eat.’ But get serious, I’m the one who’s actually taking care of the patient! They just have to drop by and show a little sympathy. I’m the one who wipe up the shit and collect the phlegm and mop the brows. If sympathy was all it took to clean up shit, I’d have 50 times as much sympathy as anybody else! Instead, they see me eating all the food and they give me this look and say, ‘Oh Midori, you’ve got such a healthy appetite.’ What do they think I am, a donkey pulling a cart? They’re old enough to know how the world really works, so why are they so stupid? It’s easy to talk big but the important thing is whether or not you clean up the shit.  I can be hurt, you know. I can get as exhausted as anyone else. I can feel so bad I want to cry, too. I mean, you try watching a gang of doctors get together and cut open somebody’s head when there’s no hope of saving them, and stirring things up in there, and doing it again and again, and every time they do it it makes the person worse and little bit crazier and see how you like it! And on top of it, you see your savings disappear. I don’t if I can keep going to university for another three-and-a-half years, and there’s no way my sister can afford a wedding ceremony.”

Well-Said True Fact About Shitty People

Perfect Gift

After like God knows how long, I manage to squeeze time to post some long overdue post.

A perfect gift. This occurred to me when I was trying to find gift for my brothers, parents, and my sweetie before I return home. I was having a lot of trouble and headache trying to find my so-called perfect gift for them. That’s when I really get to feel how hard it is to find a gift for your love ones. Now I can understand why people are happy to receive gift from their love ones. It’s not that they have high requirement and very demanding about gift or something. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. It’s just because you love them so much, so that you want to give something to express that love. Something that you like and want them to have it. At the same time, it also must be something that they will like and want to have. It also something that is meaningful and expressive of your feeling. On top of that, it shouldn’t be something very cheap yet not too expensive to give off the feeling that you’re wasting your money on it.

To look for that for all of them at the same is definitely one hella challenge. Fortunately, things worked out pretty well for me in the end.

Perfect Gift

Student who obtained 0% in an exam

Saw this on FB and it totally cracked me up. He it goes:

This student didn’t answer any question wrong but I got 0.

Q1: In which battle did Napoleon die?
A1: His last battle.

Q2: Where was the declaration of independence signed?
A2: At the bottom of the page.

Q3: River Ravi flow in which state?
A3: Liquid.

Q4: What is the main reason for divorce?
A4: Marriage.

Q5: What is the main reason for failure?
A5: Exam.

Q6: What can you never for breakfast?
A6: Lunch & Dinner.

Q7: What looks like half an apple?
A7: The other half.

Q8: If you throw a red stone into a blue sea what will it become?
A8: It will simply become wet.

Q9: How can a man go 8 days without sleeping?
A9: No problem, he sleeps at night.

Q10: How can you lift an elephant with one hand?
A10: You’ll never find an elephant that has only one hand…

Q11: If you have 3 apples and 4 oranges in one and 4 apples and 3 oranges in other hand, what would you have?
A11: Very large hands.

Q12: It it took 8 men 10 hours to build a wall, how long would it take for men to build it?
A12: No time at all, the wall is already built.

Q13: How can you drop a raw egg on to a concrete floor without cracking it?
A13: Any way you want, concrete floors are very hard to crack.



Student who obtained 0% in an exam