Perfect Gift

After like God knows how long, I manage to squeeze time to post some long overdue post.

A perfect gift. This occurred to me when I was trying to find gift for my brothers, parents, and my sweetie before I return home. I was having a lot of trouble and headache trying to find my so-called perfect gift for them. That’s when I really get to feel how hard it is to find a gift for your love ones. Now I can understand why people are happy to receive gift from their love ones. It’s not that they have high requirement and very demanding about gift or something. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. It’s just because you love them so much, so that you want to give something to express that love. Something that you like and want them to have it. At the same time, it also must be something that they will like and want to have. It also something that is meaningful and expressive of your feeling. On top of that, it shouldn’t be something very cheap yet not too expensive to give off the feeling that you’re wasting your money on it.

To look for that for all of them at the same is definitely one hella challenge. Fortunately, things worked out pretty well for me in the end.

Perfect Gift

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