Buffets and Stuffs

February was my budget month but I was lucky enough to have an awesome treat at the end of it. Because of the shopping spree in Jan I had to minimize my spending in Feb. And that means no restaurant outing and the regular month purchases -__-“. But fortunately, it didn’t turn out so bad. In the last week of Feb, somehow I had 2 free buffet treat. The first was not really a treat it’s but more like a heavily subsidize buffet Chalet. I practically spend the night gobbling down food and snack and playing Mahjong. Sounds like a good life. In the morning, the feeling of guilt start to kick in. However, I was too tired and sleepy to care. I barely manage to get myself back home without just falling asleep on the train. When I got back, it was just sleep and sleep…. for over 20 hrs. Sick..!

I slept for more or less the whole Saturday, when I woke up it was Sunday time for another buffet outing! (wait what? yeah again)…. I thought I was going to spending a big buck for this one because we went to this Korean BBQ buffet at Novena called Ssikek. But the outing turned out to be a birthday surprise for me. Totally unexpected. After a full of slumber I completely forgot that my birthday was around the corner. Anyway, it was an awesome treat from my friends. The meat there is super tasty. Definitely thumbs up.

Then on the weekend of the first week of the following week (First week of March), my and housemates hit JB for yet another food and movie outing. !!! I intended to there grab some of my favorite dry cuttle fish and some satay. But it didn’t turn out that way. We ended up having lunch at a Hong Kong restaurant which I couldn’t recall its name. Anyway, the restaurant was so-so only not really recommended. Then for dinner we had roasted chick at Nandos as 1 of our friends was craving for roasted chicken and Kenny Roger was apparently under renovation. I didn’t really like it either. I don’t I’d ever want go Nandos again unless I really have no choice.

After that, we window shopped for a while before heading for desert at Level 3 or 4, can’t really remember. I had milk shaved ice with chocolate favoring and my friends had manga shaved ice with mango flavoring, triple scoop ice cream crepe and banana chocolate crepe at Crepe For You. It desert was really cheap and good! Definitely the savior of my disappointment for the day. Before heading home, we bought some snacks back too! XD

So all in all, February turned out to be pretty crazy. My stomach is definitely satisfied. 🙂

Buffets and Stuffs

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