Ticket to Ride: Europe


After a long long time of longing, I finally got my hand on this game. My first expensive board game. I almost wanted to get it from Decode Cafe which cost about S$ 90+. But luckily, I decide to wait and somehow I stumbled across Bogas, an online board game store. It sells at a much cheaper price. I got it from Bogas at S$ 73. The game is great. So I manage to play it twice only though. I like game art especial their cards.

Anyway, what is Ticket To Ride? It’s a board game playing with a set of cards. Basically the objective of this game is you have to score the most point among all player by building trains across the map on the board. And in order to build trains, you need user a series of cards in your hand. It’s quite simple to learn and play. This can take a long time to finish depending on how familiar the players are with the map and destination cards.

Finally, it’s highly recommended. Replay value may not be very high but once in awhile during your board game night after you’ve cycled through all your game, you can come back to it and it still fun!

Ticket to Ride: Europe

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