Saboteur + Saboteur 2


Saboteur is not a board game. It’s a card game. Well, this game was introduced to me by my housemate. It was quite nice but I didn’t like it that much. I think this is because when I introduced it to my other friends they always play idiotically, for the lack of a nicer term. When I played with my housemate they played it like bridge. Seriously. You’re supposed to figuring things out as the game unfold and play your game strategically. The main part and fun of the game is you figuring out who’s your fiend and who’s your foe. However, when I play with my other friends they didn’t give sh*t about the gold or winning the game. Instead all the cared was if you’re miner, make sure help each other find out who’s the saboteur and make sure the saboteur don’t win… and if you’re a saboteur, yeah just make sure you win.

Then they always say play for fun play for fun. What the fun in playing a game that has the a winning object and you can’t careless if you win or lose and refuse to use your brain? I guess probably, I’m too geeky about this kinda stuff. But seriously, I don’t like playing with people like that. sighzzz…. This is why I like my brothers. Anyway, I only played Saboteur but I also see there is Saboteur 2. I thought it’s the 2nd version of the game but apparently it’s the the expansion pack for Saboteur. So yeah I grabbed both together from Bogas.

Saboteur + Saboteur 2

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