The Right Time

Recently, this somehow always hit me. I’ve been told “I’m waiting for the right time to say it.”

When is the right time? what does the “right time” even mean? Because it never seem to come somehow. Again I was told the “right time” it’s the time when it’s suitable to reveal the truth. But since the truth is always so hard to blurt no matter what time or occasion. Yet again and again the same old excuse is being given. It’s not yet the right time. I’m kinda sick of it. Giving this excuse is like hoping that nothing will ever happen. Personally, I think if you want to let out some hard truth on someone you need to set tone and mood up yourself and just then reveal it. I however do agree that there’s a wrong time to do certain things but never the right one because any can be the right time if you’re willing the take a step forward and say it rightly…. Well, other than writing this post there’s really isn’t much I can do beside believing that things will turn out alright.

The Right Time

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