Men In Black III (2012)


Just saw it today. I think it’s awesome! In MIB III, we were brought way back in time to the very early stage of MIB. And of course we get to see new MIB toys. A much less advanced ones. Their jet pack was like the size of mini rocket. I wonder if that’s really their definition of “Jetpack” back then. Anyway back to MIB, I think MIB III offers a complete package─action, comedy, touching storyline, aliens and time travel. Doesn’t that sound awesome!

Will Smith still cool and hilarious as ever. And Tommy Lee Jones is still… errr as “friendly” as ever. If you know what I mean. Anyway, we don’t much Tommy Lee Jones in MIB III because he’s dead in this installment of MIB. Instead, we see Josh Brolin. He plays the young Tommy Lee Jones in the movie. I’d give a huge credit to him. He did a really great job. I think Will Smith partner chemistry with Josh Brolin is as well good as that with Tommy Lee Jones. On top of that, we get a see a lot of truth and story behind J, K and O. I think for me that’s the X factor that separates MIB III from the previous 2. That’s what I paid to see. The story and not just two men in black suit battling Aliens all over again. But well of course the battling part must still be there. Otherwise it’d just be boring. Anyway, I highly recommend MIB III. I won’t say it’s a great movie especially compared to all the super giant blockbusters lineup this year. But in my opinion, MIB is just one of those movies you just gotta see. It’s a classic and a great reminder of our childhood craze.

Men In Black III (2012)

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